View Full Version : Suggested reading on KLR maintenance

  1. Oil filter part numbers 1987-2015
  2. Custom 08 Replacement Ring #'s here.
  3. Valve Adjustment Shim Calculations - Free Spreadsheet!
  4. Wrenchscalibur! (traveling doohickey wrench)
  5. KLR650 DooHickey wrench loaner tool thread
  6. Torquescalibur! (traveling in/lbs torque wrench)
  7. Potential ticking time bomb caught!
  8. Valve Shim Swap ?
  9. Oil Fill Excercise...a must read...lots of pics!!!
  10. Enough Is Enough...check Your Oil Level!!!
  11. Complete listing of frame/swingarm bearing and seal numbers
  12. Starting my Toolkit,..pictures inside, opinions needed
  13. Is your KLR Backfiring...???
  14. Hey you! Clean your air filter!
  15. Check Your Oil...!!!
  16. what's normal oil consumption on an '08?