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Default Re: TENT 2 moto camping solo - wich one? (minimum screened a

Originally Posted by PittsDriver View Post
Can you tell us more about that? When I read your post I went and did a little research. It looks like from my brief looking around that the initiatives that they support include both motorized and non-motorized trail system funding and activities. I'd love to hear more about it though because like you, I believe it's important to vote with our spending as well as at the ballot box.
Not all that up to date on it but a few years back there was a list published on line showing who supported groups that want no mechanized use on most public lands. Maybe they have changed their tune due to pressure, maybe they just threw a couple of bucks to the opposition (us) so they can say "Look we support you....." (even though they still support the anti's with far more bucks) If and when I have time I'll see if I can find it (the listing)... I do know that before I knew about the list I was in an REI looking at tents and GPS, Spot etc. Once my up till then helpful sales person found out I was doing the ADV bit he just walked away to help someone who just walked in the door.....across the store. Needless to say I headed for the door with my wallet intact. Soon after that I found the list on line and REI was on it....
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