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Originally Posted by "Mitch" View Post
I'll note that phone apps like Gaia are typically going to be a lot easier to learn and use than Garmin's Basecamp software. If simplicity is high priority, then you should check out Gaia.

I prefer a separate GPS unit for a couple reasons. I don't like having my primary communication device mounted on the handlebars, especially off pavement. On a ride last Fall Big Dan's brand new cell phone crapped out due to excessive vibration. I'm not saying that's always going to happen, but if it does you might not have a phone. Secondly, if you can invest the time to learn Basecamp it's pretty solid and powerful.

But no doubt, there are some excellent phone apps. Like Jeff I previously used Trimble Outdoors and thought it was excellent.

most of the places i go, including on pavement. there is no cell coverage.

the cell company's do not like improving there services.

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