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Default Re: Best GPS for ADV....

A map and a GPS are two different things. A map is a visual representation of the area you are in. A GPS tells you where you are. Just about any smart phone has a GPS chip in it and can display your actual position digitally, for finding your position on your Topo map. Adding Mapping capability to a GPS receiver gives you the best of both worlds; a moving Electronic Map that plots your position on it.

The major benefit of a dedicated mapping GPS with base map is having your map always available. Many phone apps, such as google maps uses paging, downloading maps as you move. If you are using your phone for other things, or are not in a cell coverage area, you can download an app with the base map installed to your phone and most dedicated travel GPSs come with a base map installed.

I dig paper maps and do my route planning on them. That goes in my tank bag. I use my GPS devices as electronic map, seldom actually plotting a route on it. But I like being able to see where I am headed when in unfamiliar territory. It can be distracting sometimes, and I use the Off button a lot.

There are some very interesting multipurpose devices coming out that are combining communications with position, mapping, and PDA capabilities, such as the Delorme Inreach SE with SATCOM, (now a Garmin company), and the Garmin Rhino FRS/GPS. I think these make a lot of sense for those that truly travel and need to keep in touch with family and friends.

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