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Default Re: Fuel Cap Vent and Lock Cylinder

Originally Posted by WiRider View Post
One of the most useful maintenance threads on the board!

Non-Calif... I cleaned the cap venting system as described but later on a trip, (of course), ran into venting problems that left me dead on side of freeway just outside Phoenix till the cap was opened. Later at camp it was found that the tank vent line (inside the tank) from back by the seat up to the gas cap, was blocked. Easy to test for, just use tubing to blow air through the vent line while the gas cap is open, in my case no air would pass AT ALL. It should let a little air pass so the engine isn't starved of gas by vacuum in the tank.
I've been mucking around with my tank vent also, to the point of removing all of that nonsense in the cap and putting one of those check valves at the end of the tube. Dumbass me never thought to check the tank tube. Just ran outside at 11 at night and squirted some wd40 down the tube.... I could hear it fill. I put 2 feet of clear hose at the bottom of the tube, bringing the other end up towards the bars so it didn't piss all over the place. I ran a wire down the tube and then had my collection of wd40 appear at the bottom. I took my fork oil syringe filled with more wd40 and filled it til the external tubing came up to the height of the gas cap end. It's gonna soak overnight so I can drain it and give a blast of air down the tube in the morning. Thanks for giving me that obvious, but overlooked suggestion.

Where were u stranded outside PHX? Interstate 17? Not much going on once u pass Anthem. Glad u got it resolved.
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