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Default Re: Fuel Cap Vent and Lock Cylinder

Southbound on 17 went dead and left me sitting at Google Earth Lat 34 43.728'N Long 111 42.517'W. Downhill fast altitude loss for a long time so air pressure rising but tank not getting vented and went to a negative pressure so just stopped feeding gas to the carb. Thought it was fuel petcock problem or vacuum line to petcock collapsing. Would not start. After some while tried opening gas cap and heard big rush of air, bike started fine then. Rode with cap open till could work on it later, and then found that ball of black goo plugging the vent line a foot or so up inside the tank vent line as stated. Symptom of no air would pass through that tank vent line with gas cap open.

Months before trip had done this thread's gas cap service, but gas cap still whined. Gas cap still whines to this day. May repeat the gas cap service but am thinking part I need is mentioned as no longer available... so may be looking for old gas cap.

When broke down that spot... there was a trucker that went whizzing past and half locked his brakes, pulled over. Walked half a mile back to me to ask if needed help. Had just solved it... thanked him. Sure nice folk out that way!
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