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GPS: Equipment, Tracks and Places Find the right GPS for you!

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Default Things To Think About When Buying a GPS

Lots of folks ask about what GPS to buy. So thought I would give a few pointers to think about. Like choosing a motor bike, you really need an idea of how you will use the GPS.

Will you just navigate streets and highways for an hour or two? Then an inexpensive Nuvi should do just fine. If it rains, put it away or put a plastic bag over it.

Do you want to get on some back roads that may not be on the maps?? You will likely want to be able to upload tracks onto the unit. The first unit I owned was a Nuvi 500. Water proof . But could not use tracks on it. I found some work arounds though.

Do you want to be able to work out a route on your computer and then upload it to your GPS? If you can't upload routes or tracks to your GPS, then likely the GPS will choose the route you take. it auto routes when you set the destination. When I am wanting to ride back roads, the GPS would usually not choose the way I would want to go. So I build routes and upload them.

Will you use it for many hours and perhaps on trips?? Buy a unit that can dock into a powered cradle wired in to the bike electrical system. Or, buy one that will use AA batteries so you can carry extra batteries. You will not always be able to charge your unit. I had my Nuvi 500 powered from the bike using the mini USB plug car charger. Vibrations cause this to be dicy. IN the end, it was not that good.

Will you go on long trips?? Best to have a unit that you can put a memory card in. This lets you save many route segments or tracks. Most GPS's have a limit on how many routes or tracks can be saved on the unit's built in memory. Also you can have multiple maps on the memory card.

Going to be out in the middle of no where and get caught in the rain? Maybe stream crossings? It is nice if the unit is water proof. Not essential. But one less thing to worry about.

It is really nice to be able to have the unit show a track and navigate a route at the same time. If you get off your planned route and the unit automatically re-routes, then you can still see the track of where you want to be. Otherwise, make sure you can turn auto-reroute off on the unit. Or, just use tracks. If you have a set route you want to follow, the auto re-route can really spoil things. I like to use routes and get the turn by turn prompt. Makes it quick to glance at the GPS and know how far to the next turn. Tracks are ok. But you do not get turn by turn directions using tracks. If the unit will display both at the same time, best of both worlds.

I like a large screen. These old eyes can't see well enough to use one of the smaller units. Much easier to glance at it and get the info you need.

I like to mount my unit up high right behind the wind screen. Don't really have to take my eyes off the road to check the GPS.

I am not going to recommend a particular GPS unit. There are hundreds to choose from. Just wanted to give you some food for thought to help you make your decision.
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