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Default Boulder/Longmont carb tuning help?

I recently did the KLX needle mod on my 2007 KLR and have tried both of Eagle Mike's tuning settings. I have the L-mod and the snorkle pulled. Stock exhaust. Currently at Eagle Mike's standard config: 140 main jet, clip in standard 2nd position, one spacer below the clip, brass washer above the clip. 1 and 3/4 turn on screw. Drilled slide 7/64.

Throttle response with KLX kit is a little better, Bike pulls great from 4-6k RPM. Might have pulled harder with 142 jet. Doesn't seem like it's got the right amount of power from 2-4k, but I haven't ridden enough KLRs to know what's normal. I rode with a guy with a 2nd gen yesterday and it seemed like his bike had a ton more usable power than mine at low RPMs.

Other things that might matter... New TKC80 tires (shouldn't have mattered), new sprockets (14/43) and x-ring chain, stock air filter (I think) recently serviced at the dealer with new plug during oil change. I assume that the pilot jet is stock. I inspected the diaphragm and don't think it's torn anywhere.

I'm at 5-10k feet normally. Expect to go to Moab at 4k and above treeline at 12k once or twice a year.

Don't have enough experience to understand what to do next. Given mid-rpm/throttle concerns, it sounds like I need to make needle adjustments. I can call Eagle Mike for advice, but I'm not sure I can accurately describe my problems over the phone. Don't know whether I'm lean or rich at part throttle; I've read all the descriptions and still can't say.

I'm an engineer, so of course I want an A/F meter rather than to interpret my symptoms (need a lot more experience than me). I do know that it starts fine with no choke. It seems to run better cold. It'll die when warm and 1/2 choke added.

Looking for someone in the Boulder/Longmont area to give this thing a ride, provide some advice, and maybe lend a hand with the next steps.

Thanks in advance,

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Default Re: Boulder/Longmont carb tuning help?


I'm in your neck of the woods but I'm not the guy. I just removed the AIS on my '09 and love the throttle response but now it has random high/low idle speeds. The KLX needle kit is sitting in the box but I'm reluctant to proceed until I know better what I'm doing.
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