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Default Arctic Fox hunting Texas style

After I passed on the Deer Roping story on another board
- someone else shared their story with me.

While on a service call to several North Slope drilling rigs in 1968 I had occasion to go on a fox hunt, bare handed in a tracked snow vehicle,,, at the suggestion of a native born but not Eskimo Alaskan.

At least two white fox were feeding on a rig site garbage dump and I thought why not use white fox fur to augment the face opening of the hood on my brand new $400 Leopard seal skin parka.

Chasing a pair of white fox can be real fun and the idea was to chase the fox until the fox were exhausted and then jump off the Snow tracked Bombardier with some heavy binding cord and hog tie the little fox,,, after which the Native Alaskan who was not a Eskimo would kill and skin him Alaskan style.

I weighed at least 10 times what a fox does, I was wearing many layers of insulating cold weather clothing that would be my armor should the fox get surly,,, I was confident,, and totally ignorant of what a fox could do to me and what I could do to a little fox bare handed except for some pig tie string.

The native but not Eskimo Alaskan drove and we chased the fox for what must have been 20 minutes the Foxes would pair up and then one would veer off sharply only to be rejoined by the other fox,,, now that I think of it, it was sort of like the Thatch weave fighter pilots used to shoot down the more maneuverable Jap Zero in the Pacific,, apparently the sly white foxes were trying to get me where they wanted me so I would jump one of them,,, so I did.

The rest is history, I later sold the parka down in Houston without the white fox facia but with some pig tie string in the belly pouch for $800 to a rich Hispanic burger joint owner and spent about $100 of it to have the many festering little white fox bites on my hands and wrists treated,,, it would have taken the whole $800 had I opted for the deluxe rabies treatment.

No kind of Alaskans or their varmints of any sort should ever be trusted and I hope global warming teaches them some lessons about hospitality toward fun loving Texans.
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Stolen from KY2008
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