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Default Re: Who’s done the Thermo-Bob mod?

Here is what I remembered reading. It sounds like it is up to you if he is right or not, but he did his homework.
As to warming up the bike.......hmmm do I really want to open up that can of worms? People have actually called me names for my stand on this one but keeping in mind that I'm speaking from the reference of technical background, experience and large scale studies - (probably why some got mad!
The engine should be run for a short time prior to riding, if the proper SAE weight of oil is being used, because warming at low engine load will contribute to higher engine wear. No to state the case too strongly, IMO if you are warming up your engine at idle before riding you are in error. Engines wear very little when they are operating in the normal operating range because there is good lubrication due to oil flow and there is practically no washing of the cylinder walls by impinged fuel.

The longer the warm-up phase continues, the longer increased wear will take place. I know many of you do not want to hear this because it speaks to some cherished beliefs but there it is. There is no possibility that the conclusion is wrong!
The best practice is to use oil of the correct SAE range (IMO most people use too heavy an oil but that's another can of worms), start the engine and after a brief time (such as donning one's gloves), proceed off using low engine load until the operating temperature comes into the normal range. There are reasons to warm up completely at idle such as needing low speed
tractability but this is unlikely. If you insist on idling to warm up, that's OK as it's your bike and you have every right to operate it that way as you paid for it and pay for the maintenance. This is not a crusade with me and I don't look down on those who choose otherwise. On the other hand I hope that this article may prove useful for someone.
and to relate it to this thread, the T-bob would make the engine warm up even faster

Here is the full arcticle
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Default Re: Who’s done the Thermo-Bob mod?

Yup, I installed one and think it's great for all the reasons already mentioned. Installation couldn't be more straight forward.
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Default Re: Who’s done the Thermo-Bob mod?

Originally Posted by mudflats View Post
I'll be giving my bike a minute or two more to warm up before jumping on and going.

I'm also one who lets the bike warm up by riding it gently. Not only does the bike warm up faster, it's one of the keys to better fuel economy.

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